Paul Greenberg

Global Perspectives Guest Speaker

Paul Greenberg is The New York Times bestselling author of Four Fish and American Catch. A regular contributor to the Times and many other publications, Mr. Greenberg is also the featured correspondent of the 2017 PBS Frontline documentary The Fish On My Plate. His 2015 TED talk has over a million views to date. He is currently the writer-in-residence at the Safina Center and a Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation. His forthcoming book, The Omega Principle, will be published by Penguin Press in the summer of 2018. Mr. Greenberg is a winner of a James Beard Award for Writing and Literature, a National Endowment for the Arts Literature Fellowship, a Grantham Prize of Special Merit and numerous other awards and grants. He resides in New York, catty-corner from Ground Zero, where he produces (to his knowledge) the only wine grown and bottled in Lower Manhattan. Paul Greenberg has authored several books including Four Fish, and his latest book, The Omega Principle, will be available at the end of July. 

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