Paul Nicklen

Past Global Perspectives Guest Speaker

Paul grew up on Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada, where his was one of the few non-Inuit families living in a small Inuit settlement. The Inuit taught him how to survive in the Arctic, read the weather, and develop his love for nature. It was there that Paul developed a true passion for observing wildlife and watching the light play shadow games off of the sea ice.

While completing a bachelor's degree in science in marine biology at the University of Victoria, BC, Paul had a revelation — he wanted to become a nature photographer. After university, he landed a job as a wildlife biologist with the Department of Renewable Resources in Canada's Northwest Territories. He was fortunate enough to work on such species as lynx, grizzly bears, bison, caribou and polar bears. Over time, Paul became impatient with data collection and longed even more to pursue his dream of photographing nature. He resigned from the department and set off on his ideal job.

He soon realized that he could better serve wildlife populations by becoming a wildlife and nature photojournalist. His goal is to continue bridging the gap between scientific research and the public by producing stories for magazines such as National Geographic. Since 1994, Paul has been published in most major publications and is currently working on his ninth story for National Geographic Magazine, all working towards this common goal. Paul currently lives in Whitehorse, Yukon.

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