Robert Hernandez

Past Global Perspectives Guest Speaker

Born in the U.S. but raised in Spain and Cuba, Rob Hernandez was in Havana during the pivotal early years of the Cuban Revolution. After leaving in 1960, he first returned in 1987 with the hope of gaining access on behalf of the National Geographic to what at that time was largely a closed nation.  A 28-year veteran of the Society, Rob first served as a senior editor for the magazine, later becoming Senior Vice President and head of the Society's International Publishing division that produces books, magazines, and other media in more than 35 languages.

An ecologist by education, he spent his early career doing field research and documenting through films and photography many of the world's more remote places, work that has appeared in leading global publications.  After spending two years circumnavigating the Indian and Pacific Oceans in a small sailboat, he later led many expeditions to Africa, the Arctic and Antarctic, Southeast Asia, and South America, among other regions.

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