Sarah Navarro

Grosvenor Teacher Fellow

Sarah F. Navarro grew up in Michigan where her parents fostered her love of nature with frequent camping trips and encouragement to explore the wildlife all around her (as long as she didn’t bring it inside!). Sarah earned both her B.S. (1999) and M.S. (2001) in Zoology from Michigan State University. It was in graduate school that she had her first exotic, educational opportunity, traveling to Kenya to study the ecology of African wildlife. Experiencing such a hands-on, culturally and naturally immersive opportunity left her forever changed and inspired to make a career out of facilitating connections between people, wildlife and wild places.

She joined the Education Department of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden in November of 2001 and is now the Senior Manager of School Programs at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, a job that allows her to create meaningful experiences for school groups in programs both on and off-grounds and work closely with the Education Department's animal ambassadors. Her participation in Earth Expeditions, a collaborative effort between the Cincinnati Zoo and Miami University, has also allowed her the opportunity to teach courses through which educators earn graduate credit in inquiry-based and participatory education while participating in field courses in Namibia and Belize and in in-country courses at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Sarah is a 2014 Grosvenor Teacher Fellow. She holds certifications as a National Geographic Certified Educator and Phase I Workshop Facilitator, as a Certified Interpretive Guide from the National Association for Interpretation and as a Certified Interpreter through the National Network of Oceanic and Climate Change Interpreters. She also participates in the Zoo Academy Advisory Committee whose aim is to utilize connections between the Zoo Academy, a Cincinnati Public School and the Cincinnati Zoo to provide students with meaningful, educational opportunities and real-world experience in the field of life science. When she is not training human and non-human animals or teaching she is playing in and exploring nature with her husband and children.

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