Scott Caspell


Scott Caspell is from central Ontario, the land of lakes, rivers, and mixed hardwood forests. Scott developed a passion for the natural world early in life while exploring the nearby woodlands and waterways with family and friends. Since 2001 Scott has been working as a guide, naturalist, wilderness trip leader, and outdoor educator throughout Canada and abroad.

With undergraduate degrees in environmental studies and outdoor experiential education, and a master’s degree in education, Scott now spends the majority of his time guiding in the polar regions and savoring the joys of international travel. Scott’s work in the high latitudes has included teaching high school in Nunavut, leading multi-week canoe trips on Canada’s northern rivers, coordinating a youth leadership program on Baffin Island, and multiple seasons of ship-based guiding in Antarctica, Svalbard, and Greenland.

Scott has also instructed university environmental education courses, worked as a community educator with street children in Uganda, and logged over 700 days leading backcountry canoeing, sea kayaking, dogsledding, and hiking trips. What unites all these experiences is Scott’s love for sharing time with others in wild and beautiful places. Whether by Zodiac, sea kayak, aboard ship, or on shore, Scott looks forward to enhancing and deepening guests’ knowledge, appreciation, and overall experience of the spectacular places we explore.

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