Sean Smyth

Grosvenor Teacher Fellow

Sean Smyth is the head of English and humanities at The Study Academy, an independent school for gifted and learning-exceptional students in Toronto, Canada, where he teaches middle school social studies, English, and outdoor education. Having taught in four countries, Sean values integrating varying perspectives into his classroom and challenging his students to tackle real-world problems, helping them realize their potential to be engaged citizens in their community and around the world. With a master of education degree in leadership and policy from the University of Toronto, Sean endeavors to incorporate social justice perspectives into his roles as a school leader and policy writer. He has worked on initiatives to engage students in real global issues and written educational policy for global organizations such as Right to Play International. Sean has also developed an outdoor education program at his school that emphasizes engagement with the outdoors in an urban environment and equips students with the confidence to engage with the natural world and make meaningful change at the local level. Sean is passionate about inspiring students to be changemakers in their communities. With the help of his students, he created an environmental extracurricular club that was responsible for getting his school recognized as an eco-friendly and sustainable school building.

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