Svavar Knútur


Svavar is one of Iceland's most beloved singer-songwriters. A troubadour of humble beginnings and rural upbringing, his music tells stories of love, tragedies, sadness, and redemption in a harsh and hostile climate. Svavar plays multiple instruments and incorporates guitar, ukulele, charango, piano, accordion¬, and more into his compositions as he skillfully melds his vocal skills and fingerpicking in an uncanny and playful way. With bilingual lyrics, Svavar can tap into many cultures, finding inspiration in the linguistic differences. 

Svavar was the first recipient of the Anna Pálína Árnadóttir Memorial Award for Folk Music Excellence in Iceland. The award was in recognition for his continued exploration of new waters in modern folk music both lyrically and musically, a tireless effort to bring older folk music to young audiences and for his continuous work on helping out young and emerging artists.

Three of Svavar’s most governing influences are without doubt Nick Drake, Will Oldham (Bonnie Prince Billy) and Kris Kristofferson, although such artists as Leonard Cohen, Cat Stevens, Joni Mitchell, Nick Cave and many more singer-songwriters have contributed to his musical development.

With a decadently charming on-stage persona, Svavar presents spellbinding and magnetic shows. He always ensures his fans have comedic stops along the way to help maintain his creative goal of emotional healing and catharsis, and his audience can often be seen both laughing and crying simultaneously.

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