Tim Severin

Global Perspectives Guest Speaker

Tim Severin is one of the last traditional-style explorers—he has been testing theories of early migration for over 20 years. From Jason and the Argonauts to the descendants of Genghis Khan, Tim Severin has literally traveled the routes of myth and helped established historic fact. His most recent quest has been to identify the "real" Robinson Crusoe.

An insatiable curiosity has led Tim around the world. He made his first expedition by motorcycle along the route of Marco Polo while still a student at Oxford. Among his many adventures, Tim sailed a leather boat across the North Atlantic in the wake of St. Brendan and captained an Arab sailing ship from Muscat to China to examine the origins of Sinbad the Sailor. He followed the route of the first Crusader knights to Jerusalem, traveled on horseback with nomads of Mongolia in search of the heritage of Genghis Khan, sailed the Pacific on a bamboo raft, and pursued the great white whale of Melville’s famous novel. As The New York Times wrote, "[Severin's] deeds speak to us of the purity of achievement in an age where experience has become blunted by comfort and complacency."

Tim has written books about all these adventures, which have won him the Thomas Cook Travel Book Award, The Book of the Sea Award, a Christopher Prize and the literary medal of the Academie de la Marine. He has written about the Norse culture in VIKING, Odinn's Child, and has also recorded his journeys in award-winning documentary films, which have become classics of exploration and adventure.

Tim Severin wrote The Brendan Voyage (Gill & Macmillan edition); Viking - Odinn's Child; Viking - Sworn Brother; Viking - King's Man.

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