Tony Wheeler

Global Perspectives Guest Speaker

A trek along Asia’s “hippie trail” in 1972 led to the creation of the Lonely Planet guidebook company while the New York Times declared Tony “the trailblazing patron saint of the world’s backpackers and adventure travelers.” Since the sale of Lonely Planet, Tony has collaborated with the Planet Wheeler Foundation’s work on more than 50 projects in the developing world. 

He is also a director of the San Francisco-based Global Heritage Fund, which works to protect and develop archaeological sites. In 2017 he followed the Silk Road—in an old English sports car—for three months from Bangkok to London through China, most of the Central Asian ‘stans, Iran, and Turkey. Tony Wheeler has authored Tony Wheeler’s Dark Lands, Tony Wheeler’s Bad Lands, Epic Drives of the World, The Cities Book, An Innocent Abroad and collaborated on the Lonely Planet Norway Guide & Svalbard (PDF chapter) all available online through the shop at Lonely Planet.

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