William Douthitt

National Geographic Staff

Bill Douthitt is National Geographic Magazine's Senior Editor for Story Development. He is responsible for managing the process whereby ideas for new stories are developed and presented to the Editor of National Geographic Magazine.

In his previous position as Senior Editor for Special Projects, Bill conceived of and edited a variety of large-scale multi-story projects for the magazine. "Hotspots" (2002-2003) was built on a relationship Bill initiated with Conservation International to create a series of six stories highlighting those portions of Earth containing the most biological diversity and facing the greatest threats. "EarthPulse" (2000-2001) was a Society-wide conservation initiative focused on sustainability issues and included major media and outreach programs.

"The Millennium Project" (1998-1999) was a two-year, 500-page undertaking that remains the largest editorial effort ever published by the Magazine. For this series, Bill created and edited stories for six special "theme" issues examining the future of Exploration, the Physical Planet, Population, Biodiversity, Culture and Science. He worked closely with the advertising division to create additional editorial material supporting an innovative sponsorship campaign that became a model for supporting EarthPulse and other cross-media initiatives.

Prior to joining National Geographic Bill was Director of Photography at the Daily News in Longview, Washington. He has a B.A. from the University of Washington. He and his wife, Karen Kasmauski, a National Geographic Photographer-In-Residence, have two children, Will and Katie.

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