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Be exhilarated by exploring, be relaxed and rejuvenated by wellness

Our wellness program is the embodiment of our belief that nature is vitalizing and that wildness, as Thoreau famously said, supplies a tonic. The program is designed to complement the natural tonic of wildness. Wellness specialists lead morning stretches aboard, or stretching-oriented walks ashore. And they provide a range of nature-inspired body and facial treatments from Humpback Whale Deep Tissue Massage to a Marine Iguana Salt Glow to soothe, reenergize, and feel more connected to the unique region you’re exploring.

Wellness specialists are aboard every ship in the National Geographic-flagged fleet.

Featured Wellness Specialists

Roxana Chiriboga

Wellness Specialist
Roxana was born in Guayaquil, where she discovered her love for aviation. It took her many places around the world for over twenty years. During her time traveling, she had the chance to indulge another of her passions: beauty and wellness. She studied and received a degree as Master in beauty in 1986. While living in Argentina in 2005, Roxana received a second degree in cosmetology. She later returned to Ecuador, residing in Quito, where she began practicing all she had learned during her travels and studies.

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Susan Moebus

Wellness Specialist
Susan is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Qigong practitioner and passionate whale-watcher. She is fascinated with energy, and with the endlessly creative ability of our bodies - and our Earth - to seek balance.  Her work embodies a spirit of curiosity, sensitivity and depth.

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