Baja Global Stewardship

Supporting conservation where the desert meets the sea

Tourism along the Sea of Cortez has exploded in recent years, rapidly accelerating transformation of the coastline. This burst of development, while bringing economic prosperity to the region, is threatening wildlife and deteriorating ecosystems. To protect Baja California’s rich biodiversity, the Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic (LEX-NG) Fund has partnered with the Gulf of California Conservation Fund (GCCF), a nonprofit that channels funding to several conservation, research, and community development projects in the region.

Every dollar donated by guests aboard National Geographic Sea Lion or National Geographic Sea Bird in Baja is tripled with matching contributions from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and the Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature. With this triple-punch of funding, guests can be sure that their dollars are achieving maximum impact in protecting Baja’s wild beauty and special wildlife. Below are a sample of the projects that the LEX-NG Fund has financed in Baja California in partnership with the GCCF.

Additionally, the LEX-NG Fund has awarded an independent grant to Dr. William Gilly, a biologist conducting long-term ecological monitoring of the Gulf of California to reveal any changes to the midwater environment.

Seabirds on Rasa Island

Donations to the LEX-NG Fund help finance an ongoing study of the seabirds on Rasa Island. This important research contributes to the conservation of two endangered seabird species that live on the island.

Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo is home to the Cabo Pulmo National Park and an important coral reef off the coast. Through our partnership with the Gulf of California Conservation Fund, we are supporting a local NGO that is working hard to promote economic development in Cabo Pulmo while raising awareness and urging policy changes that support conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources. 

Sustainable Tourism

Developing sustainable tourism provides communities with the financial resources to participate in local conservation efforts. The LEX-NG Fund supports efforts to create a sustainable tourism network in northwestern Mexico. 

Ecological Monitoring

Long-term ecological studies of marine environments are chronically underfunded, yet are invaluable to scientists’ understanding of long-term regional changes. We are happy to support Dr. William Gilly’s efforts to understand seawater changes over time in the Gulf of California.

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