Central America Global Stewardship

Promoting responsible artisanal fishing practices & market connections

In Central America, MarViva is a regional non-profit organization with the mission to promote the conservation and responsible use of marine and coastal ecosystems. The Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic Fund supports the work of MarViva, which includes promoting fishing best-practices among artisanal fishers and building profitable partnerships between fishers and buyers.

Encouraging Responsible Fishing Practices

MarViva trains artisanal fishermen on responsible fishing practices and why they are important to the environment. Fishers learn about more selective fishing gear, proper species identification, recommended sizes for different species, legal fishing grounds, and seasonal area closures.

Tracing Seafood Products to Their Source

Better traceability of the origin of seafood products improves accountability and quality and enables responsibly-caught products to be commercialized more favorably. With LEX-NG Fund support, MarViva has implemented a traceability program starting at catch-receiving centers in several communities in the Gulf of Nicoya region in Costa Rica, and tracking the fish product information all the way to partner points of sale.

Securing Commercial Partnerships

What good is catching fish if you can’t effectively sell them? In addition to promoting responsible fishing practices, MarViva helps artisanal fisher groups develop the technical capacity to sell their catch to corporate buyers for a better price and under more favorable conditions. MarViva also works with corporate buyers to spread awareness and encourage the use of economic incentives to reward fishers who use responsible fishing techniques.

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