Island Conservation

Helping native fauna thrive by removing invasive species

Floreana Island in the Galápagos archipelago is home to an incredible diversity of native species found nowhere else in the world, including Galápagos Penguins, Galápagos Petrels, Marine Iguanas, land snails, and Darwin’s finches. Unfortunately, the fifty­-four IUCN Threatened or Endangered species that call this island home are jeopardized by the presence of invasive rodents, which prey on native species, out­compete them for resources, and destroy sensitive habitats. Rodentscats also cause problems for the 140 island residents who rely on tourism, farming, and a small fishery for their livelihoods.

To restore Floreana to an island free from these destructive invaders, the LEX­-NG Fund supports Island Conservation’s Floreana Island Restoration Project. This will allow the island’s unique fauna the opportunity to flourish and thrive and create the conditions for sustainable community tourism and farming. With our support, Island Conservation has conducted field studies on Floreana to identify options for invasive rodent removal. They are currently working to develop and implement key strategies for conducting their restoration project. 

The Lindblad Expeditions­National Geographic (LEX­-NG) Fund aims to protect the last wild places in the ocean while facilitating conservation, research, education, and community development programs in the places we explore. If you would like to learn more about projects supported by the LEX-NG Fund worldwide, please contact the fund by email. To support our work by making a contribution to the LEX-NG Fund, click here.

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