Organization for Basic Training

Building a library, computer lab & training restaurant in Chiro village

Residents of rural Cambodia often struggle to obtain adequate education and employment, so in order to improve the lives of the residents of Kampong Cham province, local resident Sophal Pot founded Organization for Basic Training (OBT), a Cambodian NGO that seeks to improve education, skills, and conditions in the region.

OBT Founder and Director Sophal Pot believes in the transformative power of education. “Everyone needs education, even farmers,” he says. “Otherwise they can’t get profit to support their families. Education is powerful, the key to changing the lives of the people here.” 

To support this mission, the LEX-NG Fund financed the construction of a 3-room central building that includes OBT’s headquarters, a computer lab, library, and classroom space where OBT provides free classes in English, math, and traditional Khmer music to children in the province, giving them a valuable skill set that will eventually help them find employment or continue their studies. With these new facilities, OBT has been able to expand educational opportunities for children and adults alike. 

The new building also fosters more efficient use of OBT’s successful homestay program for volunteers who bring ideas, financial assets, and initiatives to the village. OBT’s building construction is a sister project to the English language library in Kampong Tralach, and we are excited that these two programs are communicating and sharing their insight and successes.

Most recently, the LEX-NG Fund supported the completion of a training restaurant for students in OBT's Pre-Hospitality program. As part of this program, students seeking to enter the hospitality sector gain practical experience managing a restaurant where they can develop service and food preparation skills, priming them to receive further education at Siem Reap's renowned Sala Bai or EGBOK hospitality schools.

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