Leadership Training

Empowering women to affect change in their communities

Minga Peru has hosted several skills-building workshops for rural, indigenous women in the Peruvian Amazon. Minga Peru invites the most active listeners of its radio programs to become community promotoras (developers) and receive leadership training. At these workshops, women develop skills that help them achieve economic independence and advocate for their social and human rights. The promotoras then share their new skills and knowledge within their own villages through a volunteer coordinating network, creating a powerful ripple effect of positive change. Some of the women who attend Minga Peru's workshops have even been elected as local leaders, and have successfully proposed and managed municipal government-funded projects to address problems in their communities.

Promotoras who have benefitted from leadership training are invited onto Minga Peru's radio show Bienvenida Salud! each week to share their experiences through testimonies, or their letters are read on the air to disseminate useful information on improving day-to-day life in the region.

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