Economic & Food Security

To create a foundation for a stable, sustainable tomorrow

Rural, indigenous women in the Peruvian Amazon tend to lack power: in their communities and even in their homes. Domestic violence rates are high, and it is often difficult for women to escape abusive households due to limited resources. For these women in particular, economic and food security is crucial. It allows them the freedom to increase their social and economic capital, giving them a chance to build a better future for themselves and their families.

To establish food security, Minga Peru, with LEX-NG Fund support, holds training workshops on native plant nursery management, including techniques for planting and harvesting food; and helps build and maintain fishponds that beneficiaries use for sustenance and income. These environmentally-friendly programs decrease pressure on the rainforest and rivers while still giving families the ability to feed themselves. Minga Peru also helps empower women in the Peruvian Amazon by giving them the tools to develop income-generating projects, such as producing and selling traditional handicrafts. 

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