Empowering Artisans in the Peruvian Amazon

Radio Educational Project on Handcraft and Marketing

Handcraft production is an important income source for indigenous people living near the Marañón, Ampiyacu, and Tahuayo Rivers and a way to preserve cultural heritage. To empower artisans with skills needed for financial security, the Radio Educational Project on Handcraft and Marketing—overseen by Minga Peru, By Hand Consulting, and the LEX-NG Artisan Fund—created 25 modules on running a craft-based business and handcraft design. Modules were designed with input from a focus group of eight female artisans from the region. Utilizing Minga Peru’s radio programming, the modules reached 120,000 listeners across 12 remote communities.

Magali Taricuarima, a native Kukama mother of four from the community of San Francisco in the Peruvian Amazon, is one such artisan who has benefited from the program. “I listen to the radio show three days a week,” says Ms. Taricuarima. “I like it because my children and I learn many things about the production of handicrafts: the designs, the sizes, the finishing, among other things that tourists value and that encourage them to buy our products. The program has strengthened me and motivates me to continue working as an artisan woman.”

With our support, more training modules are currently in development.

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