LEX-NG Artisan Fund

Supporting artisans at the nexus where tourism, conservation, and handcraft development meet

At Lindblad Expeditions, we believe in forming meaningful relationships with the people who live in the places we explore. One way we do that is by supporting local artisans through the Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic (LEX-NG) Artisan Fund.

Over a decade ago, we launched the Artisan Fund to help empower artisan communities at the nexus where tourism, conservation, and handcraft development meet. In certain parts of the world, selling handcrafts can mean the difference between living below the poverty line and being able to feed your family. Artisan activity creates jobs, increases income security, and preserves ancient cultural traditions that in many places are at risk of being lost. 

What Makes Us Unique

We are a small, self-funded program with a big impact. We are able to work close to the ground, connect directly with the communities where we explore, and gain an understanding of their challenges and needs as they relate to craft production and generating livelihoods for their families. We offer support to artisans through training programs, supplying workspaces and equipment, issuing grants for local projects benefiting artisans, and by educating our guests on the value of buying handmade goods. Because when you buy artisanal handcrafts, you’re not only acquiring an object of quality and beauty, but you’re also making a difference in an artisan’s life.

Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic is unique in that 5% of sales made in our shipboard Global Galleries are automatically directed toward the LEX-NG Artisan Fund, creating a renewable cycle of support for artisan communities worldwide.


Awards & Recognition 

  • Received an award from the National Defense Board and Provincial Craftsmans Defense Board of Ecuador/Galápagos
  • Founding member of the State Department’s Alliance for Artisan Enterprises, a public/private partnership between the Aspen Institute and the State Department
  • The Society of Women Geographers inducted Stacy Sindlinger Rivett, Director of the LEX-NG Artisan Fund, into the Society in 2016 for her work with the Artisan Fund
  • Artisan Clovis Patino received a national award of $10,000 from FUNDAR-Galápagos for excellence in recycling and art, allowing him to build his own glass-recycling workshop
  • Artisan Maria Ellania, one of the arts teachers who attended the LEX-NG Artisan Fund’s workshop at the Colegio Galápagos, was awarded a $20,000 scholarship for outstanding design with recycled material from Cerveceria Nacional

Learn more about some of the artisan initiatives we support in the Peruvian AmazonGalápagos, and Alaska.

For more information about the LEX-NG Artisan Fund, contact Stacy Rivett at stacys@expeditions.com​.

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