For Your Convenience—A Tool to Carbon Offset Your Flights

We recognize that travel contributes to the overall human footprint affecting the Earth’s climate, and that’s why we chose to become a 100% carbon neutral company in 2019. We’re committed to reducing our emissions where possible, and offsetting those which cannot be eliminated. We invite you to join us in this effort by choosing to offset the carbon emissions resulting from your air travel.

Using our convenient calculator,  you can easily and accurately calculate the carbon footprint of your flight(s). Follow the prompts below to enter your flight information. Your flight’s emissions will be calculated, and then you will be given a choice of projects to invest in to mitigate your carbon emissions. These projects, selected in conjunction with our partner South Pole, include renewable energy, reforestation, and community-based efforts worldwide. Remember, Lindblad has already offset the ship-based portion of your expedition. By also offsetting your own air travel, you’ll be doing even more to advance meaningful climate action.

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