An attentive hotel staff, at your service

Our hotel staff will ensure life aboard is comfortable and effortless. If there is anything you need during your expedition, simply ask.

As the Delfin II operates in a remote corner of the world, there is no Internet service available. Cell phones generally will not work, though there are a few points along the river where you may be able to connect. A satellite phone is available for incoming and outgoing phone calls, billed by the minute.

Rain gear
As the Amazon’s verdant jungle is fueled by 200 inches of rain each year, we often see storms roll through the river basin. Each of the 10-person skiffs is outfitted with ponchos and rain boots that are distributed as needed since light rain will not affect our plans to explore.

Laundry services aboard at an additional charge make it easy to pack light.

An EMT is available on board 24 hours for emergencies. As we explore, we are never more than an hour away from a hospital in Iquitos by floatplane.

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