An extraordinary hotel staff, at your service

An attentive, expert hotel staff and well-thought-out amenities ensure a comfortable shipboard life.

Staying connected
Complimentary Wi-Fi access is offered on board and there is a computer is available to guests in the reception area. Some of the small towns you’ll visit will have internet cafés. On an emergency-only basis, there is a mobile phone available for outgoing calls. Along our route there are many places from which to make phone calls. Mobile phones that use the GSM system (AT&T and T-Mobile) will work, though foreign roaming charges may be high.

Your housekeeping staff will be happy to wash small items for an additional charge, making it easier to travel light. There are no dry cleaning facilities aboard.

Always-open drinks
Filtered water, tea, coffee, and hot chocolate are available 24 hours a day.

Lord of the Glens is never more than a short distance from medical professionals and moors overnight, where help can be summoned quickly if needed.

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