An extraordinary cruise ship staff, at your service

Our attentive, expert hotel staff hail from Galápagos and Ecuador and are dedicated to providing cruise ship services to ensure your stay is comfortable. With only 48 guests aboard National Geographic Islander, the crew will quickly learn your interests and remember your favorite drink.

Staying connected 
Each cabin and Islander’s lounge have Wi-Fi access. The satellite Internet connection costs between $.40 and $.75 per minute depending on the number of minutes purchased. An Internet kiosk is also located on the bridge deck, next to a photo kiosk for downloading your photos. A satellite phone is available for phone calls at additional charge. Keep informed with daily news back home through a condensed version of The New York Times, printed aboard free of charge. Copies are available in the lounge and at reception.

Photo kiosk for photographers
An iMac station is available in the ship’s lounge for sorting and transferring your photos. It’s equipped with a digital media reader and USB outlets. Bring along an external hard drive or USB drive (or several) to store and back up your photos. Use of the photo kiosk is complimentary, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For an additional charge, our ship’s professional laundry staff will handle personal laundry and pressing. Laundry can be picked up at your cabin and same day service is available. Dry cleaning is not possible on board.

Beverage Station
The lounge offers 24-hour beverage service, including coffee, a variety of teas, water, ice and sodas. Reusable water bottles are provided in cabins.

A licensed doctor is on board Islander and available 24 hours a day free of charge.

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