Cabins & Suites

A cozy and inviting home away from home

National Geographic Islander accommodates 48 guests in 24 cabins, including two suites. All accommodations have a window, and the eight cabins at the top of the ship have private, glassed-in terraces for exceptional views of the passing islands. All cabins have two single beds that can combine to create double- or queen-sized beds. Your preference is taken at booking.

Decorated in a rich, nautical design with bright work and mahogany trim, Islander’s cabins are cozy and well-appointed. After a morning spent adventuring with sea lions or negotiating your way around hundreds of marine iguanas ashore, your meticulously made up cabin will be an inviting home away from home. Eight of Islander’s cabins (categories 4 and 5) feature the comfort and extravagance of private terraces with seating. Perfect for early morning sunrise contemplations or a personal, daytime retreat, these coveted cabins are guest favorites. Our two spacious suites (category 5) feature a wraparound view forward over the bow and off to the side of the ship.

Comfort & convenience, standard in every room
Every cabin offers Wi-Fi access, ample closet space, and has a small table and chair. They also feature individual climate control and private facilities. There is ample room under the bed for storing smaller pieces of luggage, and hair dryers are stored in every cabin. The small, but well laid out, bathrooms have botanically inspired hair products and shower gel. A limited number of cabins can accommodate a third person.

A public address system will keep you updated throughout the day on all activities and any unexpected wildlife sightings. You’ll also have the option of turning on, or off, the expedition leader’s channel through the public address system. If selected, you’ll be able to hear lectures in the lounge or any early morning wake-up calls in case of spectacular wildlife sightings.

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