An extraordinary hotel staff, at your service

An attentive, expert hotel staff and well-thought-out amenities ensure a comfortable shipboard life.

Stay connected
Every cabin on National Geographic Sea Bird offers Wi-Fi as do the lounge and dining room. Connecting to the Internet costs between $.40 and $.75 per minute, based on how many minutes you purchase. Satellite phone is available for phone calls at additional charge. Stay in touch with the news back home through a condensed version of The New York Times printed aboard each day.

Photo kiosk for photographers
An iMac station is available in the ship’s lounge for sorting and transferring your photos. It’s equipped with a digital media reader and USB outlets. Bring along an external hard drive or USB drive (or several) to store and back up your photos. Use of the photo kiosk is complimentary, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Always-open drinks
Reusable bottles for water are in your cabin when you arrive. The lounge offers hot coffee and tea, plus filtered water, ice, and soda 24 hours a day.

A doctor is aboard Sea Bird in Baja California and is available 24 hours a day, at no charge.

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