Open Bridge

Learn about our ship's navigation tools and chat with our officers on the bridge

Whether the ship is cutting through ice in Antarctica, navigating a fjord or stilled to observe humpbacks in Baja California, you’re welcome to join the officers on the bridge. Rather than restricting access as on most cruise ships, our officers invite you to learn about navigation. Many guests spend several hours a day on the bridge—often coming up at first light with their morning coffee, and checking on the ship’s progress before retiring for the evening.

Our officers are professional seamen, and charming and entertaining hosts. When safe navigation permits, they happily answer questions about their career at sea or the  particular challenges of the geography. Enthusiastic and engaged, they’ll help you search for wildlife, and find a close encounter with a bear or a whale as heart-stopping as you do.

Help yourself to binoculars, scan for whales or polar bears
You’ll find extra binoculars on the bridges of all our ships. On the National Geographic Explorer, there are additional binoculars available in the observation lounge. Whether you want to catch a closer look at the fulmar accompanying the ship, a rare bird passing by, bow-riding dolphins, or simply aid the naturalists scanning for whales from the deck rail, you’ll always be able to get a closer look.

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