The perfect tool for up-close, personal encounters with wild beauty

We pioneered kayaking in polar geographies, allowing our guests to have unprecedented personal experiences in the ice. And we are the only company operating on the Upper Amazon with kayaks aboard. Now, nearly all our ships carry types of kayaks designed to get guests of all experience and fitness levels out on the water comfortably and safely. And more than just a token few, we carry a veritable fleet to ensure everyone who wants to can.

On National Geographic Explorer, we carry a movable platform, designed and manufactured to our team’s specifications, that allows us to launch kayaks wherever conditions are right, and virtually in the middle of nowhere—we are not dependent on a beach.  In fact, we’ve been known to stop the ship in the ocean, thousands of miles from anywhere, so that our guests can paddle across the Equator.

Guests often tell us some of their most memorable experiences are were when they were kayaking, from silently watching a brown bear stroll the shore in Alaska, or paddling past flightless cormorants  in Galápagos or among dolphins in Baja California. You’ll find getting into a kayak for a water level perspective an intimate, peaceful, and memorable way to experience a destination.


Thank you for keeping a focus on safety. The teamwork of the staff, including the naturalist, did not go unnoticed. Good job! Thank you for creating a trip that presented so many memorable moments. Truly the best vacation I have had! AWESOME!
Janice C.

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