Stand-up Paddleboards

Fun, active & a unique vantage for exploring

Stand-up paddleboards are a travel tool offering a fun, dynamic, and energetic way to explore. They’re perfect for a wide range of abilities, ages, and experiences—from paddling peacefully on calm seas to an energetic race along wild shores. You can circumnavigate a tiny uninhabited island, explore mangroves, or paddle along an idyllic beach. Like kayaks, they offer a personal way to interact with the wild world.

Stand-up paddleboarding Galapagos.Custom paddleboards for our expeditions
Our paddleboards are made in the U.S. of ultra-durable, eco-friendly materials by Glide Stand-up Paddleboards—the paradigm of the industry. Our boards in Galápagos (National Geographic Endeavour II and National Geographic Islander), Belize (National Geographic Quest), Baja California (National Geographic Venture and National Geographic Sea Lion), and Costa Rica & Panama (National Geographic Quest), Alaska (National Geographic Sea BirdNational Geographic Sea Lion, National Geographic Quest, National Geographic Venture, National Geographic Orion), South Pacific (National Geographic Orion) are custom built to our specifications for versatility and performance. You’ll find they are wide enough to provide extreme stability allowing first-time paddlers to charge into flatwater with confidence while veteran paddleboarders will appreciate the thinned-out rails that make the boards lively in the surf.

Glide Paddleboards: An alignment of globally conscious values
Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic and Glide Paddleboards are connected in our shared values of protecting the Earth’s ocean. The paddleboards in our fleet are crafted of a polymer developed to be extremely durable, specifically to prevent chipping, because chips that flake off pollute waterways—and our fleet ensures we leave the pristine places we explore just as we found them.


Thank you for keeping a focus on safety. The teamwork of the staff, including the naturalist, did not go unnoticed. Good job! Thank you for creating a trip that presented so many memorable moments. Truly the best vacation I have had! AWESOME!
Janice C.

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