Scuba Diving

A deeper exploration of the planet's blue heart

Experienced divers who have been certified by an internationally recognized dive association such as PADI or NAUI and have logged 25 dives in total have the opportunity to dive in some of the world’s most pristine reserves. From places like the remote Southern Line Islands, a Pristine Seas site, and Millennium Atoll with its fields of giant clams and stunning beauty to the exceptionally diverse waters of the Galapágos Islands, our expeditions offer something many divers may have never seen—intact, vibrantly healthy marine habitats not found in this pure a state anywhere else on Earth.  

Scuba diving options are available on select departures in Galapágos aboard National Geographic Endeavour II (at an additional cost); and in the South Pacific aboard National Geographic Orion, which carries gear for a number of qualified divers, plus divemasters. Speak with one of our expedition specialists for more details and to make your advanced scuba diving reservations.  

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