Undersea Video

A tool for discovering a hidden, but vibrant world, and fostering wonder

Our expeditions to Alaska, Baja California, Galápagos, and virtually every itinerary on National Geographic Orion and National Geographic Explorer, including expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic, feature an undersea program, exclusive to Lindblad-National Geographic. Our undersea specialist dives and captures stunning, Cousteau-like video of life below the surface, and then shares his or her footage with you in presentations that invariably surprise—few know how dazzling and colorful the undersea is, especially in polar oceans.

Go deeper with our Remotely Operated Vehicle
National Geographic Orion and National Geographic Explorer are also equipped with a Remotely Operated Vehicle—or ROV—that can explore hundreds of feet deeper than a diver. Often, we use the ROV in areas as unexplored as the moon: beneath the ice in Antarctica, to sea mounts in the mid-Atlantic. This is genuine exploration; and while we don’t collect samples, simply video, we are actively contributing to the body of knowledge about the undersea world, and have, according to some polar scientists, captured footage of never-before-seen species.

Get a glimpse of the undersea world via Splash-Cam
In addition to high-definition video cameras, our undersea specialists also deploy a Splash-Cam for capturing activity on the surface of the water, such as porpoising penguins or curious sea lions. Recently, we have begun pioneering two-way, live communication links, enabling our guests to watch video from, and ask divers questions, in real-time. No other company has the resources or expertise to deliver such a thorough, captivating, and provoking look at the undersea to inform your understanding of the ocean and issues facing it.

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