An expedition essential, rugged but comfortable, craft for landing almost anywhere

You’ll travel with us to some of the wildest regions in the world, and our fleet of rugged Zodiac landing craft will whisk you ashore through the bergy bits in polar waters, up canals, to Baltic harbor cities, or through the azure waters of the equator and the tropics. Originally popularized by Jacques Cousteau for his research, the Zodiac brand is considered the sturdiest and safest small watercraft available.

To ensure your safety in these potentially challenging regions, we also invest in top-quality outboard engines that are both powerful and reliable. And, because you want to be out exploring, not waiting aboard, we outfit our ships with a fleet of Zodiacs. This allows us to offer multiple activities, and provide you with more choice—to go ashore, for example, or go on a Zodiac cruise to have up-close and personal encounters with wildlife and scenic wonders.

We use our Zodiacs in all manner of environments. You might have the unique experience of transiting the gargantuan locks of the Columbia River on a Zodiac, or entering a Hanseatic League city by the front door—the sea. No matter the destination, you’ll be amazed at their ability to deliver you to spectacular settings, whether pushing through Arctic ice flows or running up sandy beaches in Baja California.


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