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Our Top Photos of the Week

Each week we select the top photos that came in with our Daily Expedition Reports for a photo slideshow. The top photos this week came from our naturalists, expedition leaders, and guests in the Amazon, Galápagos, the Falklands, Costa Rica, and Panama.

Whale Shark! A Rare Sighting in Galápagos

Guests exploring the Galápagos Islands aboard National Geographic Endeavour had the surprise of a lifetime in a rare encounter with the world’s largest fish—a whale shark. They’d just climbed into Zodiacs to visit one of our favorite wildlife-rich snorkeling spots when the whale shark was spotted. Our naturalist Tommy Acosta last saw one of these magnificent, bus-sized fish about seven years ago.

Our onboard video chronicler also managed to capture the encounter on film.

The Latest Top Photos

Every week we select the top photos submitted by naturalists, guests, and the National Geographic photographers aboard our ships. This week the shots came in from the Amazon River, Galápagos, Antarctica, Baja California, plus Costa Rica & Panama. See the top photos.

In Search of 5,500-year-old Moss

Photo by Robert Elmes

Photographer and researcher Rachel Sussman is aboard the National Geographic Explorer in Antarctica right now. She’s joined us as a guest speaker and is embarking on a quest of her own—a search for a 5,500-year-old rare Antarctic moss. It’s part of her project called The Oldest Living Things in the World. See some of her work and follow her reports from the ship on The New York Times photography blog, Lens.

Top Photos of the Week

Our exclusive Expedition Photography program lets you travel aboard the ships of the Lindblad-National Geographic fleet with professional photographers at your side and at your service. Our photo instructors, along with our guests and traveling National Geographic Photographers, send photos to our New York office every day—and the top shots are selected for the Photos of the Week.

Our Top Photos of the Week

The Photos of the Week are in from the planet’s wildest places—Galápagos, the Amazon River, Baja California’s Sea of Cortez, Costa Rica, and our last expedition of the season in Antarctica.

Top Photos of the Week

Every ship in the Lindblad/National Geographic fleet sails with a Lindblad-National Geographic Certified Photo Instructor aboard. Besides being charged with helping guests with camera settings and ensuring they go home with great photos, these specially trained Naturalists often send back some of the expeditions’ finest images. Those are combined with shots from our Expeditions Leaders, other Naturalists, and National Geographic Photographers for these Photos of the Week.

Hourglass Dolphins

If you’ve never seen a photo or even heard of hourglass dolphins, you can count yourself among the majority. These dolphins are found only in the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic, and when ships are in these waters it’s often too rough for photographers to spot them. And with a small worldwide population, it takes quite a bit of luck to spot one or two. During an onboard lecture Wednesday as National Geographic Explorer sailed through a calm Drake Passage bound for Antarctica — these two were spotted. They approached the ship and took advantage of the bow wave, matching our 14-knot speed until fatigue or boredom sent them off in another direction 15 minutes later. A rare and thrilling encounter for guests on our Antarctic expedition. Photo: Doug Gualtieri, Naturalist

The Photos of the Week

Every day photos from each of our ten ships spread around the globe cross our desks. And at the end of the week, our design director picks the top shots for our Photos of the Week.

The Photos of the Week

See the Top Photos of the Week shot by our guests, Naturalists, National Geographic Photographers and Certified Photo Instructors sailing aboard our Galápagos cruises, Antarctica cruises, Costa Rica & Panama cruises and Baja California cruises.