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Expedition Spotlight: A Spectacular Day on Staffa Island

Sailing Europe with Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic is an invitation to discover both the iconic and unfamiliar—and to gain new perspectives on the threads that connect histories and cultures across the continent. Step aboard our small ships and sail deftly between grand medieval cities, rugged and remote islands, and seaside villages steeped in tradition, exploring them your way. Kayak cerulean seas in the Mediterranean, cruise picturesque harbor towns by Zodiac, or take a photo walk amid ancient Roman ruins. You’ll experience Europe’s shorelines in an authentic, time-honored way, seeing them through the eyes of the explorers who came before and the modern-day communities that carry on their customs.

When you arrive at climactic points along the way, you'll get there by the grandest of front doors—the sea. This is how people through history came and went, and consequently, Europe’s ports are hubs of vibrance and in many cases, remarkable beauty.

Sven-Olof Lindblad

Why Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic

Our Trips in Europe


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Our Ships in Europe

With the sun setting and casting a spectrum of warm hues across the sky, the ship National Geographic Orion sits anchored in the calm waters of the Java Sea.
Cabin 511, Category 4, features two singles that can convert into a queen-size bed on the ship National Geographic Orion
Dining area set for guests on the ship National Geographic Orion in Indonesia

National Geographic Orion


An authentic expedition ship, purpose-built for exploring the South Pacific, Asia, the Mediterranean, and beyond

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The National Geographic Endurance in Dynamic Positioning at Lilliehöökbreen, Svalbard, Norway..
Cabin, Category 3, 4, and 5, suite with balcony, two single beds that convert to a queen, and convertible sleeper sofa, on the ship National Geographic Endurance/Resolution
Early breakfast set at a table on the ship National Geographic Endurance/Resolution

National Geographic Endurance


The most advanced ice-class expedition ship afloat, offering unprecedented access to polar regions

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Ship National Geographic Explorer in Greenland
Cabin 230, Category 7, on the ship National Geographic Explorer
Bistro on the ship National Geographic Explorer

National Geographic Explorer


An authentic expedition ship, purpose-engineered for blue water and polar exploration

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Expedition ship National Geographic Resolution parked in the pack ice in Weddell Sea, Antarctica
Cabin, Category 7, large balcony suite, with two single beds that convert to a queen, sofa bed, coffee table, two balcony chairs, and table, on the ship National Geographic Endurance/Resolution
Main dining restaurant 270º on the ship National Geographic Endurance/Resolution

National Geographic Resolution


Our second new polar build,  National Geographic Resolution, is named to honor the second voyage of the legendary Captain James Cook.

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Ship Sea Cloud under full sail
Cabin 30, Category 4, featuring a queen-size bed on the Lido Deck,  aboard the ship Sea Cloud
Dining room on the ship Sea Cloud

Sea Cloud


Traveling aboard Sea Cloud, a historic four-masted barque, is an overall multisensory experience of the rarest kind—and this is true wherever you choose to explore. 

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The ship Sea Cloud II at full sail
Cabins 207-210, Category 1 on the cabin deck. These 204 sq. ft. outside-facing cabins, have a double bed (which can be separated into two single beds) and two portholes on the ship Sea Cloud II
Ship Sea Cloud II dining area

Sea Cloud II


Sea Cloud II is an alluring sailing vessel perfectly suited to travel the scenic shores of the Mediterranean, exploring little-seen archipelagos and anchoring in small coves.

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The ship Lord of the Glens cruising in Caledonian Canal, Scotland
Cabin, Alexander Graham Deck, Category 2, featuring two double beds, on the ship Lord of the Glens
Lord of the Glens Dining

Lord of the Glens


Lord of the Glens was built for one purpose—to fit through the network of locks and canals that cut through the heart of the Scottish highlands.

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Our Team in Europe

Every member of our team—from our cultural specialists and photographers to our expedition leaders—is committed to ensuring you have an unforgettable experience. Many are veteran and locally based guides chosen for their extensive knowledge of subjects like archaeology and history. The special experiences we arrange on shore with local experts offer even deeper insights into the continent’s timeless treasures. Exploring in small groups, you’ll hear different perspectives every day, and because there are no group assignments, you can gravitate toward experts who share your interests and inspire your curiosity.   


Our knowledgeable and passionate expedition team is complemented by our dedicated hotel team who strives to ensure that your time on board is as comfortable and rewarding as your time on shore. 

Guests talk to Lindblad Crew about their expedition route in the observational lounge & library aboard the ship National Geographic Orion.

Photo Gallery: Highlights from Europe

Latest Video

Expedition Spotlight: A Spectacular Day on Staffa Island

  • Sep 2023

Puffins are the star of Staffa Island, but they’re not the only thing that makes this destination so special. Experience towering basalt columns formed over hundreds of thousands of years, and venture inside the famed Fingal’s Cave on an unforgettable Zodiac cruise. Naturalist Jim Wilson expounds on the geologic marvels and fascinating wildlife of this idyllic, uninhabited island off the coast of Scotland.

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