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British and Irish Isles Expeditions

Aerial view of Lord of the Glens at the dock at the start of the Caledonian Canal in Fort Augustus, Highlands, Scotland.

Sail the British and Irish isles and uncover fascinating layers of history in one of the globe’s most storied corners. Voyage through the heart of Scotland and its outer islands aboard the charming Lord of the Glens, or trace the maritime threads of England, Ireland, and Scotland aboard National Geographic Explorer. Seek out seals and nesting seabirds in wild and windswept lands from St. Kilda to Cobh, exploring by Zodiac or on foot, and encounter vestiges of ancient times—from Stone Age megaliths to medieval monasteries and fanciful Edwardian castles. Our veteran team—including naturalists, experts, and historians—offers insights into the region’s past to help illuminate its present. 

When you arrive at climactic points along the way, you'll get there by the grandest of front doors—the sea. This is how people through history came and went, and consequently, Europe’s ports are hubs of vibrance and in many cases, remarkable beauty.

Sven-Olof Lindblad

Why Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic

Our Trips in the British and Irish Isles


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Our Ships in the British and Irish Isles

Ship National Geographic Explorer in Greenland
Cabin 230, Category 7, on the ship National Geographic Explorer
Bistro on the ship National Geographic Explorer

National Geographic Explorer


An authentic expedition ship, purpose-engineered for blue water and polar exploration

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The ship Lord of the Glens cruising in Caledonian Canal, Scotland
Cabin, Alexander Graham Deck, Category 2, featuring two double beds, on the ship Lord of the Glens
Lord of the Glens Dining

Lord of the Glens


Lord of the Glens was built for one purpose—to fit through the network of locks and canals that cut through the heart of the Scottish highlands.

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Our Team in the British and Irish Isles

Every member of our team—from our naturalists and photographers to our expedition leaders—is committed to ensuring you have an unforgettable experience. Most have worked in the British and Irish isles for years and many live locally, providing them a wealth of insider knowledge on subjects like archaeology, history, and Celtic cultures. Exploring in small groups, you’ll hear different perspectives each day of your voyage, and because there are no assigned groups you can gravitate toward the experts who share your interests and inspire your curiosity.  


Our knowledgeable and passionate expedition team is complemented by our dedicated hotel team who strives to ensure that your time on board is as comfortable and rewarding as your time on shore.  

Naturalist and photo instructor Javier Cotin photographing puffins at Grimsey Island, Iceland

Photo Gallery: Highlights from the British and Irish Isles

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