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"True travel is about how you've enriched life through encounters with beauty, wildness, and the seldom seen."

Sven-Olof Lindblad

Founder of Lindblad Expeditions

Get to Know Lindblad Expeditions & National Geographic

The Expedition Experience

It’s the most exhilarating travel experience a person can have. Nothing comes close to its authenticity and all-five-senses engagement. A cruise is passive; an expedition is active.

The World's Best Destinations

Whether you choose to go on a Galapagos cruise, an Alaska cruise, go to the Amazon or the Kimberley, or any Orion expedition cruises, you’re sure to experience your own “National Geographic moments."

Expert Expedition Team

Lindblad Expeditions + National Geographic adds up to the best team in travel.

National Geographic Partnership

Our partnership creates opportunities for you to travel with National Geographic photographers, filmmakers and explorers in addition to A+ expedition teams.

Daily Expedition Reports

Photos and stories sent from every ship in our fleet every day they’re underway. See what it’s really like to be out there exploring. 

Special Offers

What special savings does this cruise season hold for you? Check our available listings to see.