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Misty Fjords National Monument, Alaska

Bright sun greeted the National Geographic Sea Bird on our final day in Alaska as we made our way up the Behm Canal towards New Eddystone Rock—a basalt tower named by Capt. George Vancouver in 1793 after a lighthouse in Plymouth, England. A short distance later, we turned the corner and entered Misty Fjords National Monument—one of the most scenic fjords on our journey south. Read More>

Sep 12, 2014 National Geographic Sea Bird in Alaska

Louisbourg and Baddeck, Nova Scotia VIDEO

The first full day of our expedition covered nearly 200 years of history ranging from battles over continental control to inventions that have shaped the very world we live in today. Alongside in the historic port of Louisbourg, it was evident that this quiet protected cut in the coast of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, has historically held the interest of European powers. The fortress of Louisbourg, firmly at our stern, dominates the narrow passage into the bay. Later in the morning we'll be visiting the reconstructed fort and townsite. Before setting out on our excursions here at Cape Breton we were fortunate to have a presentation from Gil Grosvenor, Chairmen Emeritus of the National Geographic Society and of more particular interest to our time here, the great grandson of Alexander Graham Bell. Read More>

Sep 12, 2014 National Geographic Explorer in Canada

San Cristobal Island

The last full day of our expedition around the magical Galápagos Archipelago started with an invigorating hike to the summit of a volcanic plateau at a location known as Punta Pitt.  The first part of the hike to the plateau is considered a vigorous one for we have to climb up a very old eroded ridge, but once you arrive at the top and enjoy the extraordinary view, you can easily realize that every single step worth the effort of the ascent. Read More>

Sep 12, 2014 National Geographic Endeavour in Galápagos

Rio Ucayale & Rio El Dorado

Water, water everywhere and more than enough to drink. That is not a situation common in all parts of the world, but today we embraced the cycle of water. We started early this morning navigating along the edge of the Rio Ucayale in search of yellow-blue macaws. Success was found in the form of a preening pair in the treetops, doing a thorough job of getting their plumage in order. A competition for our attentions soon ensued as a white-throated toucan perched prominently in a nearly tree. The morning sun was having a hard time showing over a generous cloudbank to the east.  Later we crunched our way through the dry leaf litter of varzea, a portion of forest that is dry now, but will be inundated with floodwaters in a few more months. Read More>

Sep 11, 2014 Delfin II in Amazon

Kotor, Montenegro

Distant thunderstorms throughout the night heralded a change in the weather, and this morning we entered Boka Kotorska, or Kotorfjord, under overcast skies. Our first excursion in Montenegro took us to Gospa od Skrpjela, the Church of Our Lady of the Rocks, a charming island church off the maritime town of Perast. The island was built stone by stone, each deposited by local sailors and fishermen in honor of a 15th-century icon of the Virgin Mary found in this location, floating in the sea. Despite sporadic rains, we continued on to the medieval city of Kotor, admiring its well-preserved Venetian baroque architecture on a guided walking tour. After lunch, on the ship or in town, many of us chose to join the afternoon bus trip to the small mountain village of Njegusi, famous for its smoked hams. Read More>

Sep 11, 2014 Sea Cloud in Mediterranean

Tracy Arm

A gray day met us in the immediate proximity of the moraine of Sawyer’s Glacier. A bite in it permits the passage of ships into the arm, to sail east along this lovely fjord to its end, and the glaciers. Slowly we wended our way further in, amidst a dense fog. After breakfast we were already in the proximity of South Sawyer Glacier, one of the two important glaciers of the Ford’s Terror Tracy Arm Wilderness. Read More>

Sep 11, 2014 National Geographic Sea Lion in Alaska

Petersburg, Wrangell Narrows & Snow Pass VIDEO

We’ve joined the great annual migration. As the days grow a bit shorter and chillier, salmon runs are winding down, and flocks of birds accompany us as we sail south toward the border with British Columbia. Low clouds cloaked the shoulders of the mountains that ring Petersburg, a picturesque Norwegian inspired fishing community tucked into the protected north end of Wrangell Narrows. Read More>

Sep 11, 2014 National Geographic Sea Bird in Alaska

Santa Cruz Island

Giant tortoises are by far the most iconic representative of the Galapagos. Not seeing a tortoise in your visit to these islands is like having an overcast sky during an eclipse. But today, we all had not only sufficient time but also a great amount of these noble giants to admire, learn about them, and take pictures as well.  The morning gave us the chance to understand how we had managed to drive the most successful protection program in the Galapagos, the restoration of the giant tortoise population, on different islands of this archipelago. Read More>

Sep 11, 2014 National Geographic Endeavour in Galápagos

Amazonas & Clavero Lake, Upper Amazon, Peru

One of the surprising things about the Upper Amazon is the number of people here. We knew about the rain forest, and the rivers, but something that is as much a part of this place as wildlife and forests are the people. Not that it looks like a city or even a highly built up place. It is not. But on all the rivers we travel, we are constantly seeing people in their dugout canoes going about their daily activities (often fishing) and every so often we see a small community along the banks of the river. This morning we had the privilege of visiting one of them, Amazonas, population 500.   The local people knew we were coming and came to the landing to meet us when we came ashore. Read More>

Sep 10, 2014 Delfin II in Amazon

Auke Bay, Juneau and Mendenhall Glacier

Another day into our expedition! We were already at the northwestern tip of Admiralty Island, and humpback whales were to be seen. We slowly approached one and enjoyed the way it blew and dove repeatedly.   On we sailed and still in the morning darkness we were able to see the remains of a large female humpback whale on the beach. Read More>

Sep 10, 2014 National Geographic Sea Lion in Alaska

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