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Cedro Creek and Puerto Miguel Village

Our last day in the Amazon started with a visit to a remote area within the Ucayali River known as Cedro Creek. This narrow, black water tributary offered us excellent opportunities to once again enjoy the amazing wildlife of the Amazon. Even though this was our last day, we were all amazed to find species that we had not seen yet, such is the case of the titi monkey. This small primate lives within the forest and is rarely seen in the open foliage, making our sighting even more special. For a while, a troop of perhaps five individuals just perched on the tree branch, observing us, perhaps even more puzzled with us than we were with them. Unfortunately, we were just sitting and observing, and perhaps that was a little too boring for the monkeys, who decided to depart after a little while. We then continued our ride, exploring the inner section of the creek, encountering squirrel monkeys and several species of colorful birds, such as the crimson-crested and paradise tanagers. Since we left the ship early today, it was getting to be time for breakfast, which in an unexpected change of routine was offered right at the forest edge! We were joined by our Delfin II dinning staff, who, were wearing white gloves, delighted us with a breakfast feast right from the skiffs! After we were all well fed, we returned to the ship to continue our navigation down the river, this time heading to Puerto Miguel village. Read More>

Apr 16, 2016 Delfin II in Amazon

Genovesa Island

Genovesa was the last place we explored today in the Galapagos Islands.  Our journey started with a pre-breakfast activity along the coastline of Darwin Bay.  Kayaking along the cliff side was a marvelous experience as we witnessed several species of seabirds flying above us.  Red-billed tropicbirds, swallow-tailed gulls, great frigate birds, and Nazca boobies were among the main attractions we had during our kayaking activity.  As soon as breakfast was over, it was time to see the wonders that Darwin bay had in store for us during the morning hike. Read More>

Apr 16, 2016 National Geographic Islander in Galápagos

Isla San Jose VIDEO

This morning was a windy adventure as National Geographic Sea Lion made her way south along the Baja Peninsula. The morning was dedicated to searching for marine mammals and whatever else the Sea of Cortez offered up for viewing. As the wind built it was more difficult to discern the blows. One whale was seen, but it was travelling very quickly to the north while we were surfing south. Several groups of bottlenose dolphins came in to ride the bow wave of the ship. Some stayed longer than others, but the ones that stayed for a few minutes gave us great views of how powerful these large dolphins are as they turned to look at us while enjoying a push from the ship. Mobula rays were seen jumping and flipping in the whipped up seas. Later in the morning we enjoyed two presentations, one on the cacti of the Sonoran Desert and another on the geologic history of how the Baja Peninsula broke away from mainland Mexico.  After lunch the ship was on approach to the west side of Isla San Jose. Read More>

Apr 16, 2016 National Geographic Sea Lion in Baja California

Pacaya River and el Dorado

Last night, the Delfin II sailed throughout most of the night to reach our destination for this morning. Our goal was to make our way deeper into the forest, and even further away from civilization, to the beautiful Yanayacu lagoon. After our traditionally magnificent breakfast of every morning, we all got into our skiffs to speed away into the Pacaya River. Read More>

Apr 15, 2016 Delfin II in Amazon

Genovesa Island

The contrasts of wildlife are incredible on this journey, as we travel from the oldest islands to the youngest, from the coastal area to the highlands and now to the outer perimeter of the archipelago. Genovesa appears to be a lost world, as we enter a massive collapsed caldera to find our anchorage. As the sun rises we are stunned by amount of bird life surrounding us. Genovesa is one of the midsized islands that is at the precipice of deep slopes underwater, heading into the abyss. Due to this position, there is an abundance of fish and nutrients in the deeper waters for the seabirds to feed on. Great and magnificent frigatebirds soar high above us searching for food to steal, as they harass red-footed boobies upon their return from foraging. Red-billed tropic birds make their telltale high pitched screech as they search for their nesting areas on the inside cliffs of this caldera. As we land and head inland, we notice that the area is absolutely covered by occupying wildlife. Read More>

Apr 15, 2016 National Geographic Endeavour in Galápagos

Chinese Hat and Santiago Islands

We woke up to see the most beautiful water surrounded a phenomenal land mass of islands and cones with old and new lava.  Another adventure awaits, this time in the middle of the Galapagos. Read More>

Apr 15, 2016 National Geographic Islander in Galápagos

San Marcos Island and Santa Rosalia

After traveling south all night, we awoke today just off of the town of Santa Rosalia. We continued on a bit a farther to the island of San Marcos, our destination for the morning. Here, it was time again to divide and explore. Many of us went ashore and hiked up an incredibly lush arroyo. We had been here in previous years, but the rains of past hurricanes had really made the vegetation dense and glorious. Many plants were in flower with bees buzzing around, butterflies flitting by, and even some cacti were bearing fruit. Birds were active and vocal, including many osprey! Others of us went for a Zodiac cruise and enjoyed the rocky shoreline. Many nooks and crannies were explored with lots of photo opportunities. And finally, many of us enjoyed the peace and quiet of a paddle in our fleet of kayaks. As we headed towards our afternoon destination, we came upon a massive feeding frenzy of birds and dolphins. Read More>

Apr 15, 2016 National Geographic Sea Lion in Baja California

Ensenada Grande, Isla Partida Sur

Having been blessed with calm seas for many days, we were surprised to wake to windy conditions blowing in from the southwest. The building waves dashed our intended plans to visit Los Islotes, so we altered course for the stunning and well-protected bay of Ensenada Grande on the nearby island of Partida Sur. Geologically this island is part of the larger island of Espiritu Santo that borders it to the south, yet a narrow channel of seawater passes between them creating two geographically separate islands. Together they comprise the protected area of Archipíelago de Espiritu Santo National Park, known for its reddish rocks wrapping scenic sandy bays bathed in colorful turquoise waters.  In the morning we enjoyed hikes ashore, marveling at the desert vegetation, curious lizards, and endemic antelope ground squirrels. Read More>

Apr 15, 2016 National Geographic Sea Bird in Baja California

At Sea en route to Funchal, Madeira

The last day of our Epic journey together! It is in many ways a day filled with mixed emotions, for it seems eons ago that we departed Ushuaia, at 54°48’S and 068°17’W, and that tomorrow we will sail into Funchal, Madeira at 32°43’N and 016°17’W, where our expedition will come to an end. Yes, it is nowhere near the 108° originally intended*, but none of us are particularly bothered with that for we have a tale or two to tell when we return home. We will have traveled 87°31’ of latitude and 52°00’of longitude, and covered a distance of approximately 6573.86 nautical miles by the time we sail into Funchal tomorrow. We have once again all witnessed expedition cruising at its very best these past 24 days; seabirds galore, thousands of dolphins, beaked whales, Sargassum. We also visited islands and cities with opportunities to meet their inhabitants and become a little more acquainted with some of their customs and culture.  It is important to mention that whilst most of us will disembark in Funchal, Madeira, there are a few of us who will continue with the ship all the way to Bremerhaven in Germany. Read More>

Apr 15, 2016 National Geographic Explorer in Atlantic Crossing

Ucayali River and Belluda caño

To say that we started our day in a formidable way is an understatement! By five thirty in the morning, the light was already breaking through the horizon. The clouds at the distance received an unexpected shower of golden light, revealing all its shades and angles. The reflection of the forest over the glassy water was spectacular, and even at that early hour, some of us already had cameras in hand, ready for our first pictures! The flavor of freshly-brewed coffee made the morning even better, and we were anxious to board our skiffs and head out for our pre-breakfast adventure. Read More>

Apr 14, 2016 Delfin II in Amazon

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