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Kirsa Nørregaard

Currently Copenhagen-based, Kirsa grew up in the small East Greenlandic town Tasiilaq and is a local among icebergs and sled dogs. The rough granite mountains her backyard, Kirsa has an immense love for the Arctic wilderness and through her many years living, studying, and working in these latitudes, she has a unique insight into Arctic culture, language, and way of life.

Having studied abroad in Latin America and in Svalbard, Kirsa holds a master's degree in Marine Science and Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. Her studies have involved research on the very smallest of organisms in the cold Arctic waters, and on their great importance for marine ecosystems.

Although the Arctic is where she really thrives, Kirsa has travelled the world since she was a child. A full-time outdoor enthusiast, most of her free time is spent exploring the backcountry by foot or on her snowboard, and the sea from a kayak, diving, or by sailboat. Kirsa is a big fan of licorice ice cream and loves to knit warm woolen sweaters.

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