Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic values the ability to reach the planet’s wildest and most remote places safely with top experts and the luxury of comfort while making community and insight the center of expedition life.


To achieve this, ships in the Lindblad fleet are designed by the people who will use them. The captains who will take them deep into the ice. The veteran expedition leader who designed Zodiac loading platforms to get guests off the ship and exploring twice as quickly. The undersea specialists and divemasters who dive and launch ROVs on your behalf to capture video in polar sites and outfit guests for exploring tropical coral reefs. The chefs who create incredible meals as the ship sails to remote regions far from replenishment. By the photographers and naturalists who lead Recap in the ships’ lounges. To Sven Lindblad himself, whose ‘Circle of Truth’ podium is at the center of the lounge and the heart of the expedition community.


Each ship in the Lindblad fleet is either purpose built to explore a region of the planet or leased on a basis of what they can add to the expedition experience. Just as a restaurant will design its kitchen based on a menu, the ship is tailored to exploring the planet’s most foreboding places in extreme comfort. Some are designed to navigate shallow rivers and deploy narrow skiffs to explore flooded forests. Others tailored to sailing along wild coasts and venturing into fast-moving, shallow channels where whales gather seasonally to feed. And yet others are made to go far into the planet’s polar regions in safety and comfort without resupplying fuel or provisions for weeks on end.