Today, guests of National Geographic Orion had an incredible day from start to finish. We woke up very early in Cenderawasih Bay to get ready for the opportunity to snorkel at a very special site. Cenderawasih Bay is the largest marine national park in Indonesia. While catching fish from a large platform in the bay, local fishermen noticed that whale sharks are coming to feed off the excess fish caught early in the morning. With this information in mind, we waited until the weather was just right before setting off in the morning light to snorkel near the platform, hoping to witness this unique whale shark behavior. It was a great success, and many guests observed several whale sharks all around them in the water.

In the afternoon, National Geographic photographers David Doubilet and Jennifer Hayes gave a fantastic presentation about going on assignment with National Geographic. After the presentation, we went on a long snorkel in clear, calm water and observed beautiful fish, soft corals, and vibrant invertebrates. To top off the day, we celebrated with tropical drinks on a local beach. What an unbelievable start to the trip!