We awoke to Alaska sun yet again! The sky was bright with a few low clouds as we cruised towards Endicott Arm, accompanied by surf scoters and overhanging Sitka-dominated forests.

We voyaged into Endicott Arm and National Geographic Sea Bird successfully navigated icebergs (and their smaller counterparts, ‘berg bits’) until we were within site of the bright blue and white Dawes Glacier. We began our morning with Zodiac tours of Endicott Arm. We cruised around in the turquoise waters of Endicott Arm, in awe of the ice-sculpture-like icebergs, the Dawes Glacier raucously calving, and harbor seals hauled out on icebergs, many nursing their new pups. The Dawes Glacier is over 600 feet tall and approximately one mile broad and protected within the Tongass National Forest.

During lunch (a warming and satisfying chili option greeted many of us after our post-Zodiac hot chocolate) we repositioned to Dawes Cove to facilitate adventurous kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding among the icebergs and bergy bits. After kayakers and SUP-ers returned, the bravest among the group gathered for a Polar Plunge! Guests, staff, and crew alike made the cacophonous once-in-a-lifetime leap into the icy waters before returning onboard for warm drinks, hot showers, daily recap, and our final dinner together. We ended the evening cruising towards Juneau and watching our collaborative guest slideshow.