We started our first full day of expedition a little earlier than expected thanks to a pre-breakfast showing of humpback whales.  After the whale viewing, and after a hearty breakfast, we made our way to Cuverville Island.  Cuverville Island was used by whalers in the 1920s as an area to flense the whales they caught nearby, the many whale bones left on the beach are evidence of that time.  The island is also home to a large colony of gentoo penguins as well as an opportunity to hike up and enjoy the amazing view of the Errera Channel.  After we finish our landing at Cuverville we headed over to Neko Harbor.  The landing at Neko Harbor was our first continental landing on the Antarctic Peninsula and home to a gentoo penguin colony.  As if the day was not amazing enough, the guests of National Geographic Orion were treated to a Zodiac tour of Neko Harbor.