Today was a classic in any expedition’s repertoire: The, “Oh no, we gotta go!” day. With wicked weather bearing down on us, our fearless captain and expedition leader made the call to head to the safe anchorage of Prince Rupert. We passed humpback blows as we motored ahead of the winds.

>We settled into a bonus sea day filled with games, readings, and naps. Naturalists Amy and Frankie regaled us with stories of carbon-cycling sparkly whale poops and other tasty, foraged fare. The day’s recap featured storytelling tips from photo instructor Paul and a stormy skit by naturalists Cherese and Sarah.

We made it safely to the welcoming shores of Canada before the storm, with a redoubled respect for the Northeast Pacific and her tempestuous nature. As Uncle Jim reminded us, the mentality for Alaskan seafarers has always been, “The closer the equinox, the nastier it gets.” Tomorrow, we set sail again—onward into the Great Bear Rainforest and the glorious coast of British Columbia.