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Patrick Webster

Patrick Webster is a marine media monkey politely pushing pixels as an underwater photographer and science communicator based out of Monterey Bay, California. Raised in the foothills of the French Alps and on the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden, Pat fell in love with the ocean when he was five years old thanks to the sea otters of the Pacific's kelpy coast.

After successfully sliming his way through marine biology and scientific diving classes as a UC Santa Cruz SCUBA Slug, Pat spent the last decade combining subtidal storytelling and his word asso-sea-ocean syndrome to entertain and educate about the wonders of our water world as the (former) social media guy at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Diving in his backyard kelp cathedral, with its gelatinous booger-beasts and tasteful nudibranchs, Patrick’s personal passion to see the sea shared from the seashore has grown into an award-winning science communication career as “@underwaterpat” on Instagram and YouTube. He’s grateful to have had the opportunity to produce words, photos and videos that various outlets and conservation efforts have used to help tell their stories, including Nat Geo, The New York Times, The Nature Conservancy, BBC, PBS, TEDx, NPR, Scuba Diving Magazine, and other legacy media pivoting to TikTok.

He took the giant stride in 2022 to leave his keyboard comforts and lead a more planktonic existence sailing with Lindblad to explore the planet’s kelpier places. Pat hopes that his work can joyfully bring his fellow “Earthlings” closer to the wonders of the Inner Space of Planet Ocean. He'll sea you around!

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