National Geographic Orion arrived in the remote atoll of Rangiroa in the Tuamotus as the sunrise filled the skies with pink and gold clouds. Rangiroa has a 31 square mile turquoise lagoon encircled by palm covered islets and sandbars. It has two main passes, the Avatoru and Tiputa, both located on the northern side of the atoll.

Divers and snorkelers spent their Easter morning enjoying a swim through large schools of silver scad and unicornfish at the surface, while turquoise parrotfish and yellow butterfly fish swam amongst the corals. Some divers even had the opportunity to see curious bottlenose dolphins on the morning dive!

After a beautiful lunch, guests disembarked to visit a local pearl farm and were greeted by local musicians at the Zodiac landing. The captain and crew then set sail for our next stop in the Society Islands, Makatea.