We awoke to a stunning sunrise as National Geographic Orion made her way through Tiputa Pass at the beautiful atoll of Rangiroa. What a way to start the day! The South Pacific swell greeted us as well, but that did not deter us from an amazing snorkel in the morning. We swam amongst the fish in Rangiroa’s Aquarium. The black and white striped sergeant majors were everywhere, joined by glistening blue fusiliers. An army of fish made for an incredible visit.

After having lunch back on board the ship, we ventured off to Paul Gaugin’s Pearl Farm where we learned all about how to grow, harvest, and grade pearls. It really is quite an elaborate process.

After our visit to the pearl farm, it was time for farewell cocktails on the sundeck with music from our cultural specialist, Kura. What a jam-packed perfect day. It is hard to believe the trip is nearly over. What a whirlwind of beauty we are so lucky to have experienced together!