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Gabriel Ortiz

Gabriel grew up in the outskirts of Panama City and became member of the Panama Eco tourism family back in 2007.  He has led many expeditions in Central America and South America working as a naturalist.  His expertise in natural history has inspired travelers to understand and appreciate travel to the neotropics, an area he considers a gift, as one of the most productive parts of the planet with vast arrays of traits and interactions among species.

He also has expertise in Panama history and its role during centuries of intermodal trades routes.  He actively participates in helping local communities and nonprofit organizations carry out conservation efforts, including one of the most important ones across Panama, reforesting the Eastern Panama one of the most threatened rainforest of Central America.

Gabe also collaborates with the monitoring of migratory warblers during fall migrations to facilitate data to conserve the stopover rainforest where these birds regain energy in their fly ways.