After an incredible couple of days in the Weddell Sea, National Geographic Resolution made her way north and west along the Antarctic Peninsula. Stopping briefly at Cierva Cove for some whale watching, we continued to the Gerlache Strait and then to Brabant Island. Here we launched our fleet of Zodiacs amongst the ice and proceeded to look for wildlife on the floes. A couple of leopard seals lounged sleeping on ice, but the discovery of the day was humpback whales sub-surface feeding in groups of two and three! Time and again the whales would utilize bubbles from their blowholes to circle their prey, probably Antarctic krill, then lunge through the krill with mouths wide open. The table was set, and the whales feasted again and again on their prey! We simple shut down the Zodiacs and watched as the whales ate their fill! Truly an incredible sight to behold in the calm waters of Brabant Island.