Today's journey through the Southern Ocean aboard National Geographic Resolution was a captivating exploration of knowledge and natural wonders. As the ship navigated the waters, we were treated to a day filled with enriching presentations, delicious meals, and breathtaking views.

The morning began with a hearty breakfast that set the tone for the day. Naturalist Jessie kicked off the educational sessions with an engaging presentation titled, "Behind the Scenes of Wildlife Filmmaking," offering a glimpse into the fascinating world of capturing footage of wildlife for natural history productions. Following this, National Geographic Photographer Andy took the stage with his talk, "Behind the Lens - Taking Your Photos to the Next Level," providing valuable insights into the art of photography.

Our midday reprieve came in the form of a great lunch served in the Two Seven Zero, providing a moment to savor both the culinary delights and the stunning oceanic backdrop.

In the afternoon, Naturalist Pelin led an informative presentation titled, "Greenhouse to Icehouse: Prehistoric Life in Antarctica," unraveling the mysteries of the region's ancient inhabitants. The day's educational journey concluded with a captivating presentation by James and Clara titled, "Polar Diving Exposé," shedding light on the underwater wonders of the polar regions.

As the ship continued its day cruise through the Drake Passage, we marveled at the ever-changing landscapes and seascapes, a fitting backdrop to the wealth of knowledge acquired throughout the day. The journey concluded with a wonderful dinner curated by the exceptional hospitality team, providing a perfect ending to a day filled with exploration, education, and camaraderie.