Guiding Principles

How we serve our guests & explore the world

These guiding principles were formed during a gathering of more than 50 of our leaders, naturalists, scientists, and office staff. We arrived at these principles collectively, after spending a few days at sea together immersed in the expedition environment. These principles guide our conduct towards the guests we serve and define the manner in which we explore the world.

  1. Ensure that everything adds value to the guest experience.
  2. Integrity is our prime equity—never compromise it.
  3. Positively impact the areas we explore and in which we work.
  4. Treat everyone with dignity and respect.
  5. Honor the value of service.
  6. Maintain our expedition heritage by fostering a spirit of exploration and discovery.
  7. Demonstrate leadership; excel in knowledge; inspire others.
  8. Innovate, test and evaluate. Be open to new ideas.
  9. Strive for clarity in communication.
  10. Maintain a balance between adventure and safety.

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