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Alex Farrell

Growing up in the Lake Tahoe area, Alex developed a passion for adventure and a desire for new discoveries at a young age. Between skiing with her dad, hiking with friends, and exploring the world through her camera lens, you could almost always find her outdoors.

At 18, Alex traded the mountains for the beach and moved to Southern California to earn her honors Bachelor of Science in Biology from Loyola Marymount University. She was an active member in two research labs, first investigating the physiology of marine mussels and later, distribution data for birds of prey within the Great Basin region. However, Alex could never stay away from her mountain roots too long. After college, she came back, working as a charter captain and sailing crew member in the summer and a ski patroller in the winter. Today, that love for land and sea has brought her to Lindblad. She now gets to share her passions for marine biology, boating, and photography all in one place while continuing to pursue her desire to learn, grow, and seek out new experiences. However, above all else, Alex loves that she gets to inspire the next generation of explorers!